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Fast and loud makes me happy

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Jack the Turbowuff!
Columbus, Ohio, United States
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anime, art, autocross, awd, bodybuilding, business management, carpentry, cars, cnc machining, computers, cooking, drawing, engine building, engines, food, formula one, fuel injection, furry, fursuiting, guns, high performance, landscaping, macintosh, motocross, motorcycles, movies, music, race cars, rally racing, sex, stereos, superchargers, tattoos, turbochargers, video games
Извините, но если я не понимаю ваш язык и не смогу читать ваш журнал, я не буду добавлять вас в список друзей.

Hi folks. Not much to tell right now, just putting this thing together. I'm a young guy whos into cars and engines, among other things. if it's loud or it goes fast I'll probably like it. I love to chat on AIM in my freetime, so drop me a line if your bored.

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